Scroll down and read five tips to cope with COVID anxiety!

No to news: Whether it traditional media or digital media, everybody is telling about coronavirus more than it is needed. Besides, the pages and sources are telling you figures, not skills and tips to fight against it. Therefore, this information creates more stress and anxiety. The easiest way to fight against it is to change your choices. If you have a habit of visiting news channels then visit those sites that have solely your desired stuff. You can fill your phone with heartwarming and informative podcasts and videos that give different and refreshing lenses to your mind and help you see the world differently.

Be active within your paradigms: Instead of limiting yourself to using phones and thinking about going out, you can craft out what you can do at home or within the neighborhood. There are options to explore your inner artist in this lockdown by painting and drawing different things or you can visit a nearby park and make your day productive. According to research studies, exercise and walk release oxytocin or happy hormones in your bloodstream. That’s the reason why your moods are lifted after gym sessions. Moreover, you can build your interest in sports or indoor activities to learn another skill and find another way to yourself happy.

Explore yourself: In the world of today when everything is excessively fast, COVID has given us chance to sit on the couch for a little longer and explore what is going on within us and how well we are. It has given us a chance to see what we want in our lives actually and how we can achieve it. Thus, this time, the time has given you a way to explore and work on yourself. You can explore yourself by doing what you love to do or sit a little longer freely and observe your inner world to know more about yourself. The more you know yourself, the better you will be in every aspect of life.

Learn another activity: Instead of wasting time on social media, utilize this lockdown, and learn another activity or skill. Some numerous sites and apps have free courses. You can learn more about your field or master skills that are trendy nowadays. It is a productive way to cope with coronavirus anxiety.

Express yourself: Instead of hiding your stress and anxiety, learn to be courageous enough to express your imperfections and inner wounds. There are numerous social media forums and platforms where you can write about your sufferings and pain. Besides, there are counselors and counseling helplines that help people and tell them how to live happily in this pandemic. You can visit a psychiatrist in Dubai to get better help as well. Moreover, there are numerous forms and groups of mental health in UAE that can help to go through this phase.