Nothing is constant in the world except change. We change ourselves with time, our surroundings change suddenly and sometimes regularly. Similarly, our lifestyle, our necessities and world change every other day. This change sometimes surprises us and sometimes depresses us. With digitization, everything has changed gradually. Our account sheets have moved to computer first and now on Google sheets. Similarly, our calls and office presentation have come on WhatsApp and Zoom calls. This change has made some things easier but it has resulted in loss of many sectors and companies. One of the sector that has been bearing loss because of e-books and pdfs is printing industry.

Printing press has a long and vast history to develop and create revolution. It dated back to 1377 when people of a locality made a small book of Buddhists’ teachings. Later, there was the invention of Gutenberg’s printing press and how the inventor created a bible after three years on it and made 100 copies of it. Although Gutenberg died poor, his printing press gave boom to literacy and knowledge. It increased the access of knowledge to a common man. Therefore, it resulted in printing revolution, Renaissance, Martin Luther’s books, newspapers, magazines and many other things. If you say that digitization and digital books are the product of printing press than you are right because it is the printing press that gave a sense of knowledge.

However, the same digitization and kindle has brought and has been bringing downfall of its ancestors. The printing presses has been consolidating due to losses that result in more competition. Besides, the industry has been facing immense loss. Only a small percentage of population of every country prefer to read paper while most of the population want to get news and updates from social media and websites. Therefore, there is now need to bring change in the industry. There is need to bring technology and digitization to give it boom. The companies need to change their strategies and plan to increase the sales. They can use advertisements and PR to bring improvement.

The industries need to change their style of working with digitization. Music records decelerate when iPod came in market but today they are excelling in other ways. Similarly, printing companies need to modify their work a little to adjust to the new style of living and make benefits. Many of the companies are providing custom printing services and they are doing better than others but companies need to bring more modification if they want to excel with digital books. You can get ideas from internet and companies of printing in Dubai and other developed countries.