As a beginner there is a plenty of information which you need to know and you cannot get it at a particular place or a website, even any paid course will not tell you all the details regarding to this information and you need to do your own research in this field. You can get different SEO packages in Dubai which are offered by different companies but you have to do your research on your own according to the topic you have in your website. You can get the contact of a good digital agency in Dubai to get the basic help form them you can hire them for longer run and they will provide you necessary information about it. To get to know about the basics you have to read this:

Keyword: First thing is that you have to research proper keywords for your articles and they should be relevant to the topic on which you are going to write. It is a tricky work to search the keywords that are trending and also related to your work. If you add too much keyword in your article or irrelevant keywords just to get ranked then you will not get any attention because visitors will not stay on your website for long and it will reduce your chances of getting ranked.

Optimization: You need to optimize your keywords as well as your content. It means that you have to place the keywords in your content at the right place and in the right number of times as it will increase your chances of getting ranked on the top search pages of Google. If you think that it is an easy piece of cake then you are mistaken because it is a constant struggle which you have to do.

Organization: When you are setting up a website then you need to know that there should be a proper way of organizing your website. All the articles and tabs should be seen in a proper way so that your visitors will not have to struggle searching something on your website and also it will help in ranking on Google because people will stay for more time on your website as they are enjoying the content there. You have to create content for the sake of people and it should be easily readable.