Sunlight have always been an important part of human’s life as we have been used to waking up to the soft hues of blue which would eventually turn into yellow and then orange shinning the brightest and taming back to purple while finally settling into the dark. It is no shock that this subtle change of everyday affected by different seasons is what has kept the humans going one and their body clocks to work the way they have been used to.

It is scientifically proven that this shift in the day regulates our physiology. Our body’s clockwork is affected by the rise of the sun and its setting which helps us regulate and heal with the help of medication. This is the reason that often we have been prescribed the medication for certain hours of the day because that is the time when it works the most. Regular lights help us set our bodies in routinely rhythm which makes it easier for health to stay in motion by regular blood circulation, digestive system and kidney working at their optimal time.

It is also proven that people who are more used to working in the natural daylight have better performance and productivity than the ones who are adapted to the closed rooms with artificial lighting. Even though lighting companies in Dubai are doing a great job in bringing such products which are beneficial for the environment and its habitants yet nothing can beat the natural light. This all happened when people started realizing that with innovation of technology and audio visual companies in Dubai they could be less dependent on the factors which provide natural light such as windows and specified working hours. They could now spend more time working in bright fluorescent lights which could increase the productivity.

This concept gave birth to modern architecture where now the focus would be on increasing the experience of ambiance with better lighting effects. What this did to our daily lives was get us on a routine but on a different one than the one which sun had set us upon. This have benefited us and maybe loss a little something but because with the increased awareness, people have been able to learn what is best for their health and how to keep it maintained while considering all the factors.