Being a father is a feeling like no other. It helps a person get along with things with confidence. It also helps you to have a better grasp of things that you would feel reluctant about otherwise. Seeing pregnancy with your own eyes is an exciting experience and would do a world of good to your confidence. However, what if you found out that you cannot become father for some reason? It is indeed a dreadful feeling, but it has been the case with many men for decades.

Thanks to modern research, modern medical science now knows that men also contribute to infertility around 50% as much as women. This leads to the conclusion that these men are as much in need of proper fertility treatment as women. Off course, it is not easy for any male to accept his failure when it comes to fertility; still, seeing most men accepting the truth and willing to take a treatment is a welcome sign. Here is more on common infertility issues and why male infertility treatment is important:

Low Sperm Count

Perhaps the most common of all infertility issues is the low sperm count. Males suffering from this have an insufficient quantity of sperms which is considered by physicians as insufficient. You may be wondering why the number of sperms counts at all when just one sperm is enough to fertilize the ovary. The answer is simple; the sperm count helps properly fertilize the process which then leads to the development of embryo once the fertility process has taken place.

There are other causes of infertility among males as well. For instance, the Varicocele will also lead to infertility in men. Technically, it is a condition where your veins become bulged and hang above the testicle. After less sperm count, this is the most common type of infertility among men. As per a recent study, the Varicocele accounts for as many as 38% of all infertile males around the world.

Another common issue of male infertility is the inability of testicle to descend. Here, the testicle doesn’t properly descend which is a telltale sign that the sperm is not properly released. Off course, when that happens, the process remains incomplete which leads to infertility.

Other causes are also there, including genetic abnormalities, problems in hormones, testicle infection, and over medication.

For people suffering any of these types of infertility, taking the Ivf in UAE is perhaps the best solution.