When you go to market to get a prayer mat for your home then you will see a lot of shops and companies that are selling these mats but you need to get the best one and especially when you are looking for a travel prayer mat then you need to see some other things too like the comfort and compactness in that. There are different companies that are making modern prayer mats and you can visit their outlets to know more and buy the one you like. Here you will get to know about a few things which should be taken care while buying prayer mats:

Layers: You need to see that how many layers are there in the mats because sometimes the cheaper ones have only one layer which will make them easily tear able and they will not go last longer so you have to avoid getting mats which have only one layer. This is also important because when the mats have only one layer then they will be very thin and you will feel the coldness of earth and I may hurt you too when you sit on that.

Fabric: While buying a prayer mat you need to check the fabric because there are some fabrics that are very sturdy and last longer than expected even when used roughly and some fabrics are very fragile even though they are expensive due to their light fibers. See the thickness of fibers in the fabric and the design which is on the mat because you have to get the one which looks beautiful and elegant in all the ways.

Padding: When you go to buy a prayer mat then you have to see that there should be a few layers of fabric and in between there should be a layer of soft foam like padding to make it comfortable and soft. You have to take the padded prayer mat when you are buying it for you home but if you are getting it for taking it to the long journey because padded mats will be very thick and heavy and they are difficult to fold so they are not a good choice to take with you on longer journeys. Get a smaller one with soft fabric to take with you and enjoy your prayers even during your journey.