Birthday parties are always amazing to attend but when it comes to arrange one, it is not really fun and financing it is very hard for the parents. Especially after this pandemic, people are facing a hard time already but kids cannot really understand all this and they want their party to be as perfect as always. But one issue this time parents have to face is that they are hesitant of hiring help and they have to do everything themselves that too in a limited budget.

You can easily arrange a birthday party for your kids at home with limited resources. You should never dispose party decorations the other day because there are so many things that can be reused and you can save some money. There are so many rental shops where you can find stuff on rent. This is very convenient for you because buying the decorations is really expensive. You do not even have to spend hours in shop selecting stuff, you only have to decide a theme and tell the shopkeeper or the rental store worker what theme you have decided and they will give you everything you need. There are so many amazing stores where you can buy party balloons in Dubai and other kids birthday party decorations.

Search on internet for cool and easy decoration ideas and work accordingly. If it’s a kid’s birthday then set up some games because children love games! There are so many games available on rental stores and even if you can’t rent them you can make some games in home using food cartons and other stuff that you usually throw away. You can get tutorials on YouTube on how to make board games or indoor games.

Order food keeping in mind that it is for children so keep the menu healthy. Go for a simple menu have some homemade sandwiches, chicken, different kinds of juices etc. You cannot hire entertainers during the pandemic so ask in your friends circle to do you a favor and become one. Not only will it save your money but also it will be convenient for you.

Take care of hygiene and follow all safety measures. Do not invite kids from far away areas and especially from areas where there are higher number of COVID19 cases. Keep the function small and do it indoors if you can manage it.