There are many types of flowers and you must know many types of flowers. These types of flowers are used in many different types of occasions as every flower has different quality. In this article, we will be discussing some occasions where certain kinds of flowers can be used and what quality or uniqueness each flower possess. So, if you have been using just roses for every occasion, come out of this because after reading this article, you will be using different kinds of flowers for different types of occasions.


Wedding is a special moment in which two people who love each other are tied together in a marriage. Without flowers, a wedding is incomplete. The flowers used for wedding usually depends upon the season and the latest trends going on. Although, roses are the most common type of flowers used in a wedding as they show love, there are some other flowers too that could be used such.

  • Lilies: You could go for lilies as they show elegance and some people have stylish yet elegant weddings.
  • Daisies: You could even for daisies since daisies represent cheerfulness and for some people wedding is indeed a cheerful event.
  • Gardenia: This type of flower could be used because it shows joy and sweetness.


A birthday is an exciting and fun event. On this event, flowers that represent joy, love and friendship should be given. You can give roses but why not go for something else because you can give roses at weddings or other occasions.

  • Lilies: Since lilies represent happiness, these kind of flowers would be perfect for birthdays.
  • Gerberas: These flowers show innocence and this is why can be given to a close friend.
  • Carnations: Carnations show gratitude. So, this type of flower would be great for birthdays.


Funerals are indeed very sad and heartbreaking. There is nothing you can do for the family who has experienced the passing away of their loved one. But, in this sad situation giving flowers could be a nice gesture.

  • Pink carnation: These flowers show that you remember a person.
  • Lilies: These flowers represent innocence for the soul that has departed.
  • Gladioli: These flowers show sincerity meaning that you are with the ones who have lost someone.

Other occasions

There are some other occasions too such as anniversaries, prom, graduation, etc. In these occasions, the flowers that can be used are as follows.

  • Orchids: These flowers show love and strength.
  • Dahlias: These flowers represent excitement and are perfect for graduation or prom.
  • Rose: These flowers of course show love and are best for prom and anniversaries.

You now know the different type of flowers that you can use at different occasions. So, use wide variety of flowers and make your occasions and special and unique.

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