Becoming an event planner is really fun. You get to plan a lot of events which is very much fun and creative. In this article, we will discuss the ways by which you can become an event planner Dubai. If you are creative and love planning things then you should become an event planner. Also, to know the ways for becoming an event planner, read this article.

What is an event planner?

An event planner, as you can even understand from the name, is someone who plans an event.

How to become an event planner?

Following are the ways to become an event planner.


You cannot become an event planner without having a degree in bachelors in event planning or management. So, the first step for becoming an event planner is to get a degree. There are some courses that you can study in this degree and these courses include accounting, human resources, negotiating, sales, etc. There are some other degrees that you can take and become an event planner and those degrees are in marketing, promotions, management in business, etc.


Without experience you are nothing. So, how are you going to get an experience? The best way to get an experience is to go an internship. You will learn many things which would be very helpful in your professional life.

If you don’t like the idea of internship then there is one other option as well. You can even gain experience by planning events at your siblings’ school, your own college or university or a family event.


There are many kinds of events. You can have a specialization in all these kinds but according to your convenience you can even specialize in any one kind of event. So, first know the kinds of events and then decide accordingly.


If you actually want to become an event planner, then a portfolio is a must. Your portfolio would be including the pictures of the events you have planned and organized. This would be really useful when you are applying for jobs or some clients want to hire you.

You can even put things in your portfolio such as your skills, creativity, experience, etc.

These were some simple ways by which you can easily become an event planner.

You can study event management Dubai and become an event manger.